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10 Things Depression Makes Us Do

Depression affects many of us around the globe according to the World Health Organization 300 million people of all ages battle with it depression is a sneaky mental disorder it’s difficult to catch during the early stages most of us realize we have depression when we’re deep in the grips of it those with this mental disorder feel hopeless empty or sad fatigued irritable and restless depression not only takes your motivation away but you can have problems concentrating and making decisions those of us with this disorder can act in ways that were worse than the situation here’s a list of 10 things depression makes you do one isolating yourself individuals with depression isolate themselves for different reasons some will keep to themselves because they feel overwhelmed socializing and others believe it’s better to be alone in other cases.

the person may feel so much self-hatred that they prefer to not interact with people those with severe depression may even stay in their house for weeks two being disorganized depression leaves you feeling exhausted so cleaning a room or home becomes an endeavor dirty dishes and clothes start piling up while your garbage is overflowing the trash it becomes an even bigger a physical challenge to walk around your room because everything is on the floor living in a cluttered place leaves you feeling uneasy but the lack of energy doesn’t help three or hygiene depression zaps all your energy it’s difficult enough to get out of bed so showering brushing your teeth washing your hair and taking care of your body it goes out the window those without depression may see this behavior as lazy but the truth is showering or changing into clean clothes is exhausting and painful at times for struggling with sleep depression affects your sleeping schedule some of you may stay up and sleep very little.

It keeps you up with your intrusive unwanted thoughts these they end up making you feel anxious all through the night in other cases some of you will sleep excessively and still feel unrested five catastrophizing every situation depression plays tricks on your mind making you believe negative things it can get to a point where you’re constantly looking out for bad things to reassure your pessimistic thinking every time something bad happens you use it as evidence to prove how bad life is this slippery slope makes it difficult to see life under a brighter light six terrible eating habits those with depression will either eat too much or hardly anything at all some of you may find yourself in the kitchen eating everything in sight trying to eat away the emptiness or sadness you’re feeling while others don’t have an appetite and may even feel disgusted by food in other cases some of you may feel so exhausted but the thought of preparing a meal is overwhelming seven lack of motivation depression steals your interests and desires right from under you your favorite pastimes and hobbies no longer satisfy you slowly you find yourself feeling dead and numb inside.

if you aren’t careful you’ll end up staying in bed all day eight evading your problems depression by itself is overwhelming you can feel devastated and out of control most days so trying to face situations and problems head-on is difficult enough instead you ignore or set the problem aside and this, in turn, can bring trouble because it will continue to pile up nine feeling guilty feeling self-hatred if you allow depression to take over your thoughts then you’ll most likely feel self-hatred you’ll continue to talk down to yourself and this often leads to the development of self-esteem issues along with poor self-image eventually.

you’ll believe you aren’t worth it anymore some people with this mental disorder can even feel guilt by thinking all their problems are their fault and ten living in fear people with depression fear that terrible things will happen to them in severe cases some of you will sabotage a good situation believing that it will turn bad other times individuals will reject opportunities and stop pursuing their dreams it’s a twisted way to protect yourself because this prevents you from living and achieving amazing things depression affects us in different ways the list mentioned in this video contains some of the common behaviors those with the disorder have do you agree with these points what other behaviors.

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