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5 Ways You Are Self Harming

Self-harm is painted as a particular portrait of sketched lines across arms and scars that don’t heal but there are other ways to self-harm that aren’t as openly discussed the Oxford Dictionary defines self-harm as the deliberate injury to oneself typically as a manifestation of a psychological or psychiatric disorder the keyword there being deliberate everyone has unhealthy habits but if the intention is to hurt yourself then it becomes a type of self-harm so how do we stop these dangerous habits the first step to combatting them is materializing them changing the label from bad habits to things that damage here are five ways that your self harming before we begin we expect to go once give each and every one of you a big THANK YOU with your support we are able to produce high-quality content and reach our goal of making psychology more accessible to everyone before we get started today’s post is made possible by the great courses plus.

it’s an on-demand video learning service where you can enjoy lectures on-the-go taught by top award-winning professors from Ivy League universities and schools around the world now let’s get started on today’s video one sleep deprivation a common symptom of depression can be oversleeping but another sign can be willful insomnia when you stay awake because you don’t believe you deserve to rest or you feel a compulsion to keep yourself up it becomes an act of self harm lack of sleep can cause moodiness poor concentration poor memory worsens symptoms of depression hallucinations and even death too excessive exercise self-harm can be used to force feeling when everything feels numb in the wise words of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy but when there is no other way to feel content in your life.

Endorphins can become addictions over-exercising can cause problems in the heart and blood vessels bone problems arrhythmia and weaken the immune system doctors recommend that you limit exercise to an hour a day unless you are an athlete and have a regimen that specifies otherwise 3 over or under-eating while over-and-under eating are signs of eating disorders that can go hand-in-hand with self-harm forcing yourself to eat when you don’t want to or not eating enough is dangerous binge eating can cause stress heart disease pain in the back and joints and worsens symptoms of depression under-eating can cause extreme weight loss elevated liver enzymes fatigue dizziness and even death for isolation whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert everyone needs some form of human interaction forcing yourself to be alone and missing opportunities because you can’t feel anything or you think.

you don’t deserve to have fun is destructive studies have shown that prolonged isolation can raise blood pressure and make you more susceptible to diseases it can cause headaches dizziness and sweat in extreme cases people who have undergone absurd amounts of solitary confinement were found to grow severely anxious and even hallucinate in one study the effects of isolation stayed present even after they were released 5 triggering yourself triggers are defined as things that re-trigger trauma in the form of flashbacks or overwhelming feelings of sadness anxiety or panic it is best to avoid your triggers whenever possible however some people use their triggers as a form of self-harm purposefully seeking out things that will affect them adversely everyone’s triggers and their effects are different but no one should seek them out forcing yourself to experience symptoms that will hurt you is never okay.

if you are experiencing any of the above urges please talk to a loved one licensed professional or helpline no one deserves to be in pain no matter what your self harming impulses are telling you we it’s like to go urge you to seek help because it will get better we know that phrase tends to sound like a broken record but one day it will be your favorite song and you should be around to hear it we want to become a safe place for you so feel free to share your story in the comments below if you thought this video was helpful please give us a like and be sure to subscribe for more psychology-related content and as always thanks for watching as mentioned in the beginning.

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